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Vladimir Marinkov

Born in Belgrade where he finished elementary school and grammar school, in 1998 he enrolled at the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade.
Upon completion of studies and internships, Vladimir Marinkov started working independently and continued the fifty-year tradition of the law office of Veljko Guberina, along with him as a professional adviser.
As the needs of the business dictated, Marinkov expanded his office with young and highly professional associates, with whose assistance he is able to provide to the clients a full spectrum of law services, for both persons and companies.
During his career, he has been engaged in a number of notable cases that have been the subject of public interest.
As a specialty of Marinkov, in addition to representing in “classic crime” cases, representation of parties in the field of high-tech crime especially stands out.
Vladimir Marinkov has specific knowledge needed in the area of ​​family law and representation and legal consulting of legal entities in addition to criminal law.
In addition to all this, adv. Marinkov continued with his professional development with his office, and he spent part of his time teaching other people, both his colleagues and the public. He is particularly engaged in raising awareness of high-tech crime. On this subject adv. Marinkov held lectures at law faculties, and at postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Security. A regular roundtable participant is organized by RNIDS (Register of the National Internet Domain of Serbia), and holds lectures on several legal topics by invitation.
At the invitation of the ECHR, he participated as an expert in a training seminar for the holders of judicial functions and lawyers in the proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.
Vladimir Marinkov continued his family traditions in the law office taking over all the high standards of work of the office.

Vladimir Marinkov advokat u kancelariji Guberina-Marinkov iz Beograda

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