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Radmila Krstić

Radmila Krstić was born in Valjevo. After graduating from high school, she enrolled at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, where she graduated in 2010.
After successfully completing the studies and internship as a lawyer trainee, she passed the bar exam and attorney exam, she enlisted with the Bar association of Belgrade in 2014, when she joined the law office of Guberina-Marinkov.
She is engaged in representation in proceedings before civil courts mainly in the field of property and family law.
She particularly specialized in business law. She has gained significant experience in legal consulting services and representation of legal entities in previous law practice.
She has a wealth of experience in the field of drafting all company acts, conducting procedures within the company, such as status changes and changes in the legal form, initiation of procedures for legalizing buildings, and the development of all types of contracts in the field of construction.
For the purpose of professional development, she completed a master study at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, a property legal module – contractual liability for damages.

Radmila Krstić advokat u kancelariji Guberina-Marinkov iz Beograda

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