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Dušica Gavrilović

Dusica Gavrilovic was born in Belgrade, where she finished elementary school and fifth Belgrade high school. She graduated at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade in 2011.

After completing the studies, she worked as a lawyer trainee at the law office of Guberina – Marinkov, where she gained significant experience in the field of criminal, civil, commercial and international law.

Upon successful completion of attorney training, and passed the bar exam and attorney exam, she enlisted as an attorney with the Bar Association of Belgrade and continued her successful cooperation with Vladimir Marinkov.

Lawyer Gavrilović Dušica continues with professional training, and has completed training for representing juveniles in criminal cases. She completed her Master studies at the Law Faculty in Belgrade in the field of criminal law.

Apart from the above-mentioned branches of law, she specialized in the field of labor law.

She has years of experience in advocacy in bankruptcy proceedings.

During her career she has been engaged as a defense attorney on a number of notorious criminal cases.

After enlisting with the Bar Association, Gavrilović Dušica continues legal professional cooperation with Vladimir Marinkov, and together they contribute to the continuation of the family tradition of the office of Guberina – Marinkov, and achieve high standards in the work of the office.

Dušica Gavrilović advokat u kancelariji Guberina-Marinkov iz Beograda

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